Fundraiser Events

Thank you for considering Boston Bowl for your next fundraiser. Bowling is a great way to bring people together for your charity and nearly anyone, at any age, can participate. Many different kinds of bowling fundraising events are possible, each bringing a different level of revenue for your organization. Here are some possible fundraising event ideas on how your organization can use the hot sport of bowling to raise cool cash:

  • Corporate Lane Sales
  • Sell-a-Party
  • Bowl-a-thon
  • Celebrity Bowling

Note: while each format can be done individually, combining ideas will only increase the amount donated. For example, "Corporate Lane Sell" combined with the "Sell-a-Party" or "Bowl-a-thon" can raise more funds than just one event. Contact our Sales Department at 617-740-1406 for even more ideas on casting a greater reach.

Corporate Lane Sell

How it Works:

Your organization sells a "bowling lane" to businesses in your area for a tax deductible contribution of $200, $500, or more, per lane. Each lane purchased will accommodate six people for a special bowling party that could include three games of bowling, and possibly beverages and prizes (negotiate this with the center). One version of the corporate lane sell allows the company to use the lane whenever they want (like a gift certificate -- be sure to include an expiration date or any time restrictions); another version would sell a lane to a company for a fixed amount of time, usually during an organized shift or squad -- specific for the fundraising event. Corporate Lane Sell may bring in the most funds especially if used with large corporate sponsors. This method takes a good amount of time and effort on your part -- only the most enthusiastic pursue this option. The more organizations you can talk to, the better your chances for a successful event.

30 lanes at $200 each equal $6,000. 


How it Works:

Similar to a walk-a-thon, each bowler at a bowling fundraiser pays a small registration fee, in addition to finding sponsors for every pin they knock down. The goal pledges could be a minimum of $1 per pin.

A bowler pays $15 to register as a participant, and then finds 25 friends to sponsor them at $1 a pin. Unfortunately, the bowler has an off-day and bowls a 100. Therefore, they raised $2,500 ($1 x 100 x 25) in pledges, in addition to the $15 registration fee. One alternative to this is to ask for a flat pledge from a donor, and collect that pledge ahead of time. This saves everyone the time and effort (and additional expense) of going back to everyone who made a pledge to collect.
Tip: Kids are great candidates to participate as bowlers. If you can get into the pre-teen and teenage markets, they'll spread the word and get their friends involved.


How it Works:

Your group hosts a fun night of bowling which could include two or three games of bowling, shoe rentals, beverages, tokens for our G-Wizz game room and raffle prizes. The group receives the portion of the ticket sales about Boston Bowl's fee.

100 tickets sold at $20 each. Boston Bowl agrees to a discounted fee of $14. If 80 people attend the charity, 80 x $8 per person = $480 Tip: Amount is easily increased by more ticket sales. Give incentives to your best "ticket agents". Know your target audience for types of raffle prizes that would appeal to them and specific activities they would enjoy that we offer at Boston Bowl (billiards, game room, food and beverage from Deadwood Restaurant, etc.) 

Celebrity Bowling

How it Works:

Your non-profit finds a local celebrity (or maybe one you know) to donate his/her time for an afternoon/evening of bowling. Guests who attend pay a fee, which includes their bowling time and shoe rentals to bowl with or near the celebrity. Negotiate a discounted bowling fee and the non-profit keeps the difference.